Science for Youth Ministry - Youth with Molecule Head


The Challenge

One might think that no group is more in tune with American teenagers than their youth pastors, but when it comes to science and faith, these two groups are surprisingly far apart.

The Hope

With a roadmap for change, we are confident that with time, energy, and resources, science can go from an afterthought in American youth ministry to a primary concern.

Q16: How confident do you feel teaching about science in your youth ministry?

  • Very Confident 16.19%
  • Somewhat Confident 34.67%
  • Neutral 27.08%
  • Not Confident 15.19%
  • Not Confident At All 6.88%

Science & Youth Ministry Today!

The scientific world presses in on teenagers and we find that youth ministers fail to tackle science issues. Youth leaders are seldom trained or experienced in science theories and processes to confidently address teenagers concerns in today’s ministry context.